Centro Naturopático Atabey

At Centro Naturopático Atabey we strive to be a pillar of the community committed to providing an open, nurturing space for the integration of the healing arts. Our intention is to provide the most complete and effective medical care, focused on the individual’s needs that encompass the mental, spiritual and physical levels and thus promote wholeness.

We are a Naturopathic Medicine center in Puerto Rico that works with a system of health care that uses modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, scientific research, and centuries old natural healing methods to help restore and maintain optimal health. Naturopathic physicians recognize an inherent healing ability in the body that is ordered and intelligent. We seek to help individuals find a balance between mind, body, and spirit by identifying and removing the underlying causes of illness, and by administering the most appropriate and least invasive therapies available.

Our services are focused on prevention, education and empowerment of our patients on their healing journey. We are trained as primary care physicians with an emphasis on disease prevention and natural, supportive therapies. Our special interests include family medicine, pediatric and women’s health, midwifery model of care, spirituality, botanical medicine and homeopathy.

At Centro Naturopático Atabey we are committed to serving all populations with utmost respect for the diversity and uniqueness of the individual and with respect for the natural environment and the sustainability of these. We promote and support the arts, creativity, global community health initiatives, healing and nature as teacher.


“Open House”
Noviembre 7
2-6 pm

Ven a disfrutar de nuestro nuevo espacio y conocer algunos de los nuevos profesionales de salud que estarán ofreciendo sus servicios



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